Green Beat Performers Foundation

Green Beat Performers: nature-inspired musicians

Blue Lifebood: songs inspired by the tenderness and power of the water world across the globe. By Green Beat's director Heleen van den Hombergh. See

AtewaTillEternity: Musicians from Ghana ready for the road and the forest. Philipp, Dela, Dominic, Oko and Nero X were among them, next to Sherifa Gunu, MzVee, Richie Mensah, Obour and Kojo Rana.

Pantanal Poetica: Check out the songs and videos of this music project on Green Beat Performers You Tube channel. Among the artists involved: Ruben Goldin (Argentina), Jerry Espindola and Marcio de Camillo (Brazil), Leonardo Rivas and Sheila Romero (Bolivia), Junior Estigarribia and Dani Rojas (Paraguay),

Jazz Hijau; green jazz Cd and performances with great musicians from Indonesia. Among the artists involved: Bintang Indrianto, Margie Segers, Bonita and the Husband, Arief Setiadi.

Nature as a source of artistic inspiration

Green Beat Performers is a not for profit foundation

(registered at Dutch Chamber of Commerce KvK 59605448. December 2013) 

It is stimulating worldwide collaboration between musicians and environmental change-makers. By nature-inspired music performances,  acts and audiovisuals, it seeks to give inspirational impulses to a wide public, including companies, communities or decision-makers. Music projects in Indonesia, Brazil and Ghana have been carried out as well as concerts and workshops in the Netherlands.

Green Beat creates and offers

(1) Cultural projects that highlight the beauty and values of nature areas

examples: Pantanal Poetica (Brazil, Paraguay. Bolivia, Argentina), AtewaTillEternity (Ghana)

(2) Inspirational workshops, travels and debates on nature & sustainability with music as a major ingredient

example: Summer Workshop 2015 in Dutch Dunes, writing workshops at Ecolonie

3) Artistic performances at music and theatre stages, during cultural festivals, sustainability seminars, congresses, or workshops around the world

examples: North Sea Jazz, World Conservation Congress, Tropenbos anniversary, National Theatre Ghana

4) Supportive audiovisual products to feature the artists & environmentalists in its network

examples: Green Beat Meets....Gede Robi of Navicula or Jerry Espindola from Brazil

Green Beat is an initiative directed by Heleen van den Hombergh.

Green Beat Performers Foundation

Talbotstraat 211

1087 DM Amsterdam, the Netherlands

check Heleen's own music through

Nature's an artist- art is in nature

A song inspired by the tropical cloud forests

Heleen van den Hombergh's combination of expertise

Professional singer-songwriter & vocal /stage performance coach

Forest & rural development expert with a PhD in social sciences,

Experienced in nature conservation, the greening of value chains and development co-operation around the world

Debate designer and facilitator