Green Beat Performers Foundation

An expedition through the Pantanal

A shower of songs

Green Beat initated, co-developed and musically led "Pantanal Poetica" an expedition through the largest tropical wetland in the world, with musicians, scientists and environmentalists from 5 countries: Brazil, Paraguay. Bolivia, Argentina and the Netherlands. It cooperated intensively with local organization MUPAN and the university UFMS, who organized the trip and mobilized many local contacts and resources to make this expedition an incredible succes.

We created 10 new songs in 5 days inspired by the Pantanal. We recorded them straightaway and made a number of videoclips. Please find them all on You Tube:

Great artists participated such as singer Ruben Goldin from Argentina, Ju Souc and Marcio de Camillo, Jerry Espindola and Rodrigo Teixeira (los Hermanos) from Brazil, Leonardo Rivas and Sheila Romero from Bolivia, Junior Estigarribia and Daniella Rojas from Paraguay, and great local artist from Corumba such as Roberto Oliveira and Maycom Vianna. Heleen van den Hombergh also composed for this project and led the process and recordings.

The project was supported with finance and partner contacts by the Ecosystem Alliance (IUCN NL, Both ENDS and Wetlands International). For more info in portuguese see

Ruben Goldin singing while we went through the Cerro de Amolar. Watch the video for an impression of the trip!