Green Beat Performers Foundation

Green Beat Meets: interviews with nature inspired musicians

"Green Beat Meets...." 
is a collection of short videos of Green Beat's encounters with nature-inspired musicians.  

Networking with and featuring such musicians is among our aims.
Above: singer-songwriter-scientist and director of Green Beat Performers: Heleen van den Hombergh talks about her work and the Jazz Hijau project in Indonesia.

Green Beat Meets: Gede Robi of Navicula: one of Indonesia's most popular bands. Its singer and songwriter Gede Robi had an interview with Green Beat in Bali, June 2015.  Our video shows great examples of his music, portrays his sources of inspiration and his thoughts about music and environmentalism. NB Next time we'll put our smartphone a little louder!

Green Beat Meets...Obour, singer and activist from Ghana who worked with Heleen and various other Ghanean VIPS on teh Atewa'till Eternity song, meant to draw attention to the threats to Atewa Forest, important protective source for the water provision of 5 million people in Ghana. Watch and listen below!

Green Beat Meets...Jerry Espindola, a well known singer from Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. The Espindola family has left its musical traces in the Pantanal area over the past decades and so has Jerry. Green Beat worked with him among other artists, in the Pantanal Poetica project. You will hear an interview with Jerry and two songs that were composed during our Pantanal Poetica journey. For more songs search for Pantanal Poetica on You Tube or see info at

Green Beat Meets....Marcio de Camillo from Brasil.
Marcio de Camillo went with us on the Pantanal Poetica journey. He is a singer and songwriter inspired by poetry, among others the poetry of Manoel de Barros, the very well-known poet of the Pantanal. By communicating his words through accessible music, Marcio teaches children the poet's imaginative language about human relations with nature. An interview with examples of Marcio's work.